Andrew Brisbo: Regulating Hemp in Michigan and Across the Nation

Jonathan Miller interviews Andrew Brisbo, the Director of Michigan’s Cannabis Regulatory Agency, and the President of CANNRA, the national association of state cannabis regulators. If you have questions about the episode or ideas for hemp related topics, email us at

Hemp Industry Episode Resources:

Host: Jonathan Miller
Guest: Andrew Brisbo, Director of Michigan’s Cannabis Regulatory Agency, and the President of CANNRA
Blog: Hemp Legally Speaking

Hemp Industry questions covered in the episode:
  1. Why did Michigan joining a growing trend of states to bring hemp and marijuana under the same regulatory agency?
  2. Should hemp farmers and businesses be concerned about regulations unfairly burdening hemp and the expense of marijuana?
  3. What is Michigan’s philosophy on the treatment of hemp-derived intoxicating cannabinoids?
  4. How is CANNRA working to develop consistent regulations on hemp products across the country, avoiding a patchwork from state to state?
  5. What will CANNRA be doing to develop national standards on key issues such as the definition of “intoxicating”

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